Large Format Publication designed and printed during Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) with Honours, University of Technology, Sydney.

We live in an increasingly digital world.

We are addicted to the relentless and numbing distractions available on the Internet and on our screens.

The publication,You May Now Commence Being Silent, proposes silence and the absence of stimulation. 

Remaining silent resists the uniformity and inertia of our daily lives and our daily addictions. We become still, in tune with the present moment.

The publication, coupled with point of sale posters, attempts to reawaken the senses, to encourage people to witness the integrity of nature, and to demonstrate what insights can be discovered if we are attentive to our immediate surroundings. All the objects featured in the publication are sourced from my suburban backyard, honouring the notion that we do not have to look far to experience the transient, imperfect, and simple rhythms of nature. We must simply commence waking up to the very life we're living. 







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